At Scarecrow Studio we make sure you experience a limitless universe of entertainment and enjoy remarkable 2D Point-and-Click Graphic Adventures like ‘3 Minutes to Midnight’.



Scarecrow Studio can be a part of your project. In this case, either as a publisher or co-publisher. First of all, our Studio will help you in every stage of your project; such as pre-production (High Concepts, Pitch, Game Design, Prototype); Production (Design, Programming, Level creation, Art production, Audio production, Testing); Milestones (First playable, Alpha, Code freeze, Beta, Code release, Gold master) as well as the very last stage – Release.

Furthermore, we will also help you with post-production maintenance after the release. For the most part, we help make high-quality, innovative game concepts and promising projects a reality. More over, Scarecrow Studio is an ideal global publishing-partner for online, offline, and mobile games.

In addition to this, we will help your project to go global.



Scarecrow Team is specializing in designing and creating breathtaking pieces of entertainment. Like ‘3 Minutes to Midnight‘. First of all, we are focusing on creation of Point-and-Click 2D Adventure Games. Our point of view is that, especially in order to be successful in the video game industry, technical and artistic creativity is the key. Our effort is oriented towards creating unique and original IPs.

The narrative of our games is non-linear and complex, and it’s seen from a third person perspective. Therefore, the pillars of our games are: Wonderful storytelling, astounding art, awe-inspiring music and sounds, spectacular environments and captivating characters.

For this reason, we create unique worlds, full of humor and fun. 

Scarecrow Studio presents its first 2D Point-and-Click Graphic Adventure game

3 minutes to midnight, point and click adventure game