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Scarecrow Studio’s team wants to share with you here all the latest updates, news, informations, gossips, thoughts and even some deviations about the development of ‘3 Minutes to Midnight‘. You are more than welcome to participate and let us know your thoughts. Any suggestions will be appreciated, kindly ignored, but appreciated nonetheless.

1003, 2018

Interesting Game Development Blogs to read

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Good morning everyone! Specially to the new people following our development blog. If you are new here, and you haven't been reading our latest updates, let me give you five cents of what this blog is about. Here I share updates on the development of "3 Minutes To Midnight". This means explaining how things are being done, giving you some advise so you don't make the same mistakes we do, and sharing lessons learned during the process [...]

303, 2018

E3 2018 | 2. Reading the 300 pages of the Exhibitor manual

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Good morning fellow gamers, as some of you already know, Scarecrow Studio is going to attend the E3 this year in Los Angeles. In this series of posts (check last week's one), I'm sharing with you a few words on our behind-the-scenes wrestle with all the preparations for this event. Some advice for inde developers going to the E3.  3 Minutes to Midnight is our first game, and the E3 2018 is going to be our first [...]

2302, 2018

E3 2018 | 1. Scarecrow Studio’s Preparations (Thread)

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I am happy to announce that Scarecrow Studio’s presence for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018 has been officially confirmed. I have to tell you people, this was the easy step – renting the exhibit space – now we have to get the “exhibit” ready for it. Did you know that when you rent a space (booth) at the convention center, it does not include anything else but the empty space? (Not even the carpet!) Well we did [...]

602, 2018

How to make an awesome trailer (on a budget): 3 Minutes to Midnight – First Trailer

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In this post I'll talk about: Background information about our trailer; Features and spec of our trailer; General advice to make a good trailer; How to create an awesome trailer for your indie game (on a budget); Translating the trailer (and website); Preparing the video to be shared; Make all your effort worth it. Background information   "3 Minutes to Midnight" 's (Scarecrow Studio's first point-and-click adventure game) teaser-trailer has been officially released today! At Scarecrow Studio we couldn't [...]

2401, 2018

Scarecrow Studio meets Valve Corporation

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Scarecrow Studio meets Valve Corporation Some days in the life of a company become milestones, markers in time that represent a before and after. That was today; today we met Alden Kroll and Jon Pile from Valve Corporation. In this gathering for game developers, we got the chance to learn some valuable information and drop some questions on them. ‘3 Minutes to Midnight’ is going to be our first game and we want to make everything right, so [...]

2001, 2018

Voice-over advice when making a video game

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Another Saturday spent here at Scarecrow Studio, working on our Point-and-Click Adventure Game - '3 Minutes to Midnight'. Some days, it is inevitable to look back at your life and remember, your first steps in the world of work. In my case, while I was attending college, I worked in a tiny warehouse. I used to spend the whole day piling up and wrapping products, for markets and groceries stores. At the end of the shift, a [...]

601, 2018

One week left to watch the teaser trailer…

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I can tell you that since the project started, one of the greatest advantages of having great professionals working with you is, undoubtedly, that from all those vague ideas you pass to them, they are able to create amazing things. I’m sure I can read your mind and I know what you are about to say that the picture I am attaching to this post may not be showing so much greatness. My advice to you… wait [...]

201, 2018

Eat, Sleep, Redesign, Repeat

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We have been working on this game’s puzzles for months now. However, we left them untouched for a couple of weeks to be able to give it another approach with some fresh ideas. After finding several mistakes in the design, we started rethinking most of them. Sure, these changes will make the game more fun and the puzzles better designed. However, of course, it also gives us a lot more work to do. During the X-mas period, [...]

2812, 2017

Website Alive! (Now you can officially read us)

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Good news, everyone! Another milestone has been reached, and not so far from the established deadline. We proudly announce the launch of Scarecrow-studio’s official website. Finally, we have a platform to share our progress and thoughts, at the same time to keep you updated with important information regarding the release of "3 Minutes to Midnight". The website still needs some improvements (we have our IT manager working on it).

2312, 2017

Merry Xmas Everyone!

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Just a quick reminder, it's that wonderful time of the year, yet again. Scarecrow studio and myself want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Spend time with your friends and family and remember, not only the tree needs to get lid this year. Maybe it's still not late to send Santa a letter saying that "you can explain..." And I wanted to add a quote I love from Dr. Seuss "Maybe [...]

2212, 2017

Inventories and UI

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Its Christmas time and the team is enjoying a more than deserved break. Sometimes, you must let them leave the cave for a while to enjoy some fresh air and the warming feeling you get when sunlight hits your face. Also is the right time to reunite with their families and friends, who might have missed them dearly. In the meantime, I have decided to spend some time updating the blog and the social networks. I will [...]

2009, 2017

Changes and modifications

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Since I meet Jordi (our game designer) and from the very first day of working together, I tried to making him aware of my concerns about the puzzle design. Before hiring him I’ve been reading so much about the common mistakes some people did in past point and click games and I want this one to be perfect. The puzzles need: 1.       Clear objective, the player needs to know in every single moment what is the reason he’s [...]

3008, 2017

What we have so far

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Important post today! It’s such a pity that nobody is reading this yet. I’m going to make a recap about all the points of the game development progress that we achieved so far: 1.       Story base line final version – Done 2.       Character definition and specification – Done 3.       Locations early concepts – Done 4.       Map of the Town and the outside area – Done 5.       Puzzle list – Done So finally we will start programing, animating and illustrating this game. It’s [...]

1208, 2017

Inspiration from the 40s

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Without unveiling or spoiling the plot, we can tell you that the game will happen somewhere between the 40s and the 50s … so this is really interesting and graphically really enriching… but it has a major trouble… none of the team members where alive back then, so we need to check a lot of old pictures and consult some Ouija technicians in order to get our facts straight. After collecting a whole lot of ideas we [...]

208, 2017

New Team

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We finally got two of the most important parts of the team, background artist and game designer. After a lot of trials and setback we decided to hire a really good background artist with a lot of experience in point and click adventure games to give this story the look it deserves. One of the fists tasks of the game designer will be catching up with the story, the characters, the puzzles and all the existing ideas [...]

107, 2017

Getting familiar with the landscapes

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Well, we got really familiar with the landscapes and locations, and we narrowed down the scenes. Now the number is more realistic and achievable for a tiny team like ours. It’s our first game, we’ll learn a lot from it, and hopefully the next one will be even better. We are putting a lot of effort in making every single detail perfect. The story couldn’t be more awesome, detailed, and full of surprises and highly elaborated characters. [...]

1906, 2017

General feeling

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Today I was reading this post written by nobody else than the man, the legend, the boss.. Ron Gilbert ( If you intend to do something good or at least decent, you listen to the guy who created the Monkey Island. After reading the interesting post, one thing got stuck in my head more than others - the “Backwards Puzzles”. Before finding this post I had already been reading a lot about how you must use clear [...]

1006, 2017

Shaping up! This starts to look like a game.

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The game is starting to shape pretty well up with all the concept art almost ready. Huge amounts of digital ink and brain juice have been spent and squeezed during the past weeks, in order to transfer the spirit of the story and the script to the characters and scenarios. So far, the early concepts are looking quite awesome, and we are really excited about what’s going to come out of here. Honestly we can’t wait to [...]

3005, 2017

Brand new 2D Character Artist

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I would like to introduce you all our 2D character artist (and acting concept artist) David Peña. His talent left everyone here speechless, he just started to bring life to the huge list of characters of “3 Minutes to Midnight” (yes in case you noticed, the game title is no longer “working title” we finally have a name). We’ll start sharing some concepts and ideas soon. Again if you have any suggestions or comments please don’t hesitate to [...]

805, 2017

We are hiring (again)!

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We are hiring! (Again!) At this point of the project, and still with a lot of areas pending to be specified and clarified, we must stop a little bit and focus, again, on the hiring process. We need to fill the following positions (in case you are interested). Background and 2D environment artist, 2D character artist, Unity 3D programmer, Game Designer, Script writer, 2D animation artist (Spine). Apart from the obvious expertise of each position, it’s a [...]