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Based in Barcelona, Spain

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November 26, 2016


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3 Minutes To Midnight


Scarecrow Studio is an independent video game developer founded in 2016. They specialize in publishing and developing narrative games for all kinds of platforms. Scarecrow Studio's team is a passionate group of people that love creating point-and-click adventure games. They develop original IPs with special focus on rich plot, interesting characters with deep backstories, and high doses of humor. Their first game (soon to be released) is titled "3 Minutes to Midnight."


How everything started...

Jan Serra, the creative mind behind the project, was working in engineering for fifteen years. Then he had a change of heart and wanted to do something more fun and less stressful. (Oh, the irony.) He started researching how he could make a video game with a little budget. Since early age, he’s always loved video games, mostly adventure games, and his dream was to make one one day. He then decided to write a sprawling story with a colorful cast and gathered a small team to bring it to life. Without getting into detail, unfortunately, the first team didn’t share the passion for this genre, which reflected on their work, so everything, five months of work, had to be scrapped. The studio faced two choices, give up or start over. Since Jan really wanted this project to become reality, he decided to keep going, hired a new team, and here we are. As the great Rocky says: “Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”

Creation of "3 Minutes to Midnight"

Even though point-and-click genre is still alive, and new great games keep appearing, they lack that indescribable “something” that the old LucasArts games had to offer. We tried to imagine what LucasArts games would be like if they were created nowadays. Jan’s approach was therefore heading in that direction. From the very beginning, once the main story and its characters were born, we set our main focus on achieving improved playability, creating astonishing 4K illustrations, implementing more fluid animations, composing a soundtrack with seamless transitions, adding replayability value through the script and the decisions players will face, all that without losing sight of the one thing that brings a game to the next level—a carefully thought-through game design, that of course comes with a lot of conditions and crazy puzzles (but with down to earth logic). Over time, our team of amazing professionals has gradually grown to eleven people currently working on 3 Minutes to Midnight. Without their consistent hard work and passion, none of this would be possible. Over the past two years, we have been receiving very positive feedback from our community and press, which is helping us stay motivated and keep getting closer to the finish line. Our first game, 3 Minutes to Midnight, will be released in early 2020. But first, keep an eye on our Kickstarter campaign that launches already this September.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner: Best Indie Game." - Gamnesia E3 Awards, Los Angeles, 2018
  • "Winner: Best Art." - Game Access, Brno, 2019
  • "Winner: Golden Felix Award." - E3 Indie Select, Los Angeles, 2018
  • "Winner: Best Audio." - Gamepolis, Málaga, 2018
  • "Top 6: Indie of the Year." - IndieDB Awards, 2019
  • "Finalist: Best Indie Game." - Barcelona Games World, Barcelona, 2018
  • "Finalist: Retro Roots." - Pixel Awards Europe, Warsaw, 2019

Selected Articles

  • "The spirit of LucasArts lives on with 3 Minutes to Midnight."
    - Peter Glagowski, Destructoid
  • "From the tongue-in-cheek humor to the pop-art visual style, this game looks like a holdover from the glory days of LucasArts."
    - Jack Allin, Adventure Gamers
  • "We'll keep looking at the clock because something tells us that, when it's 3 Minutes to Midnight, the point and click adventure genre will get a story with amnesia, mystery, and humour that will definitely leave its mark."
    - Juan A. Fonseca, Gamereactor
  • "3 Minutes to Midnight from a small studio called Scarecrow that emulates the best of LucasArts’s heyday."
    - Jason Fanelli, Twin Galaxies
  • "I’m happy to report that the snapshot I saw of this charming title is exactly what I wanted to see. And I can’t wait to play more."
    - Scott Clark, The Gaming Outsider
  • "I’m happy to report that the snapshot I saw of this charming title is exactly what I wanted to see. And I can’t wait to play more."
    - Ben Lamoreux, Gamnesia
  • "3 Minutes to Midnight offers an updated take on the classic point-and-click adventures that any kid with a PC in the ‘90s tried out at least once."
    - Josh Chesler, OC Weekly
  • "Scarecrow Studio is a dope team doing dope things."
    - Andrew Alliance, The Show Radio Podcast
  • "As a longtime fan of adventure games, I can attest that 3 Minutes to Midnight feels very much like the old LucasArts classics."
    - Michał Lisiecki, IGN Poland

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Jan Serra
Game Director and Lead Designer

Pavlína Kačerová
Quality Assurance and Marketing

Daniel Peña
Character Artist

David Puerta
Environment Artist

Julen Diéguez
Lead Programmer

Jorge Bompart
Animation Artist

Carles Xicola
Assistant Animator

Claudi Lázaro

Marina Hortal
Assistant Programmer

Marc Salvador
Assistant Scriptwriter

Óscar Nogueras
Assistant Scriptwriter

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